Where do you live in Tokyo?


Where do you live in Tokyo?

Here, Explain about HANASAKASU. 
Referred to some of the differences between the cost with the apartment.

For foreigner in Tokyo

Hello! You know share house??
Want to save money , But need house for live.

Our share house is recommended!!

Referred to some of the differences between the cost with the apartment

HANASAKASU share house cost.

Cost : rent and condo fees(about 50,000~60,000yen)
Include utilities (home appliances in a house)

Initial cost is about 100,000yen!!

And if property have campaign of free rent
Initial cost is 38,000~60,000 yen !!

Apartment cost

Now I will talk about apartment cost
Initial cost is about 300,000~400,000 yen
(included buy home appliances cost)

And utilities cost is about12,000 yen/month , Wi-Fi about 5,000~6,000 yen/month
Rent cost about 60,000 yen/month (average rent in Tokyo )
So every month you have to pay about 80,000 yen ~/month

You don’t think expensive ??

What do you do ??

So I recommend our share house!!

You can live at least 20,000~30,000 yen cheaper than apartment.

Introduce you our share house
Hanasakasu ohizumigakuenⅡ

Rent 27000yen
Condo fees 15000yen
Toal 42000yen(2F~+1000yen)
Property has Wi-Fi

Room has bed,TV,desk,chair and refrigerator!

Common areas has washing machine, dryers,toilet,showe rooms,kitchen, home appliances.

A week one time,the cleaner will clean up common area.

And this property has amazing room !

Is Home theater room.

Have Netflix,U-next etc .and 65inch TV!

What do you think ???

Please contact us !! Thank you!