What is share house??


What is share house??

Hello, everyone. I explain to you about Share house!
What is share house? What kind of share house and cost.
I think a lot of people have some question about share house.

Share house is …?

「share house 」is a Japanese English
In English “shared residence“、”shared house“

The difference between room share.
Share house : shared property
Room share : shared a room .

What kind of share house

There are different kinds of share house

Only women/ only man/ mixed
Only Japanese
Only single mother and single father
Only game player
Only senior
Pets okay

There are so many kind of share houses in the world.

Share house cost, and contract period

You can feel free to live in share house!

Apartment initial cost
・Security deposit
・Brokerage fee
・Key money
・Insurance fee etc.
Need about 4~5month rent fee.
But share house is..

・Contract administrative fee
・Guaranty company fee
Pay about 2month rent fee ,and if you use campaign ,pay about 1month rent fee, you can live
(It is different from each company )

If you first time live alone , and the cost of furniture etc. but share house already have furniture etc. So you can save money.

The costs are different depending on the kind of share house、
【Apartment・Social share house>Concept share house >Dmitry】
【Interact・co-site equipment are sell filled、The room is wide>Minimum co-site equipment・Individual room>not individual room】

The property near the station or convenient location is expensive, but low-cost share house is cheaper than apartment.

And in general, when tenant screening , apartment contract need guarantor, contract period is 2years.

Share house :don’t need guarantor, contract period 1~2years(but after minimum contract period you can move out)

Share house’s merit and demerit?

・Initial cost is 1/3 cheaper than apartment.
・Cost/month is 1/2~1/3cheaper than apartment.
・Condo fee include utility bill and internet fee.
・Don’t need utility and internet procedure.
・Don’t need buy furniture and home appliances.
・You can stay a few month(monthly).
・Don’t need guarantor.
・Contract renewal cost is cheap.
・At the earliest, you can live from the day.
・Feel sense of security because there are people living together.
・You can get know various people.

Best merit is money ,you can move out right away because spend a little money.
And if you live in social share house, can make friend etc.

・Shared use the basin area.
・Worried sound and illegal.
・Some time ,tired following the rules and living together.
・There are people who you don’t get along with.
・Can not invite your friends or family .and have inviting rules.
・You rent furniture and home appliances ,so if you broke/ dirty it, have to pay fee.

Demerit is shared living, so the point is how you feel about shared living.

There are people who glow up in other situation ,nationality ,age etc, so they have rules.
Some people feel stress .

The cost is cheap, because of reason like this

About HANASAKASU facility

Hanasakasu share house is a low-priced share house that emphasizes privacy, and basically there is no space for people to gather, such as living room and dining room.
※ Hanasakasu Nerima II and Hanasakasu Higashi-Nakano have dining, but now currently prohibited, because of corona virous Below, we will introduce the equipment in the property.

【Common area facilities】
・ Kitchen (IH)
・Shower room
・Wash basin
・ Toilet (with washlet)
・ Washing machine / dryer
・ Postbox (joint / individual depending on the property)

【Common area home appliances】
・Rice cooker
・Electric kettle

【Common areas ・consumables】
・ Cooking utensils (pot x 2 types, pan, bowl, colander, chopsticks, slicer, ladle, kitchen scissor, kitchen knife, cutting board, drainer for tableware)
·hand soap
·toilet paper
・ Toilet detergent & brush
・ Bath detergent
・ Kitchen detergent
・ Sponge for tableware
・ Kitchen sink drainage net
・ Swiper mop / replacement sheet

【In room】
・ Bedding set (comforter + cover, pillow + cover, mattress sheets ・ mattress pad)
※Purchased at 8000 yen
・ Air conditioner
・ Refrigerator
・ TV
・ Curtain
・ Desk (depending on the property)
・ Chair (depending on the property)
・ Trash box (depending on the property)
・ Clothes line pole (depending on the property)
・ Intercom (depending on the property)