Latest Beauty room!!!


Latest Beauty room!!!

Finally, Beauty room was completed!! Beauty room is for residents of Hanasakas Otsuka North only!!
Do you want to be beautiful?Please live in the Ootsuka north and use the latest luxury beauty equipment!!We are waiting for you~!!


이 기사의 한국어는 이쪽!

Vanity dresser

With LED light, the light can be adjusted in 3 steps.

And a cute pink chair! The cute smoky pink color doubles the cuteness!

When using it, you can bring your own makeup tools, lotion, milky lotion, etc. from your room, so please use a large mirror of LED lights abundantly.

In addition, this vanity dresser comes with a 10x magnifying glass.

If you look it during makeup, skin condition, or skin care, it will look 10 times larger, making it easier to see small areas and areas that are difficult to see. Makeup is easy ♪

Please look at the 10x magnifying glass that is only available in the beauty room of Hanasakasu Otsuka North.

Cotton, cotton swabs, hairbrushes, and hair clip are on the vanity dresser drawer, so feel free to use them as well.

We have also added more outlets, so you can make full use of this as well.

A wagon is next to the dresser! Hair dryers and irons are on the wagon so that the dresser can be used extensively.

The top wagon has a lid so it's easy to use! !!

Wagon has casters, you can place it your side.


The brush that the hair without putting an unreasonable burden on the tangled hair!

You can feel the effect more by using a tangle teaser before applying the dryer and then using the dryer. Smooth!

The smoothness is completely different just by combing your hair.

And you can enjoy the latest beauty equipment with hair dryers and irons.

Repronizer 7D Plus

This is awesome!!

It is the latest high-performance dryer in 4 stages from 2D Plus to 7D Plus.

Normally, it is better not to apply a hair dryer too much to prevent hair damage as much as possible, so I think that you should dry the hair with a towel and then finish with a short time hair dryer, but the repronizer is the opposite method.

The more use warm and cold air, the more your hair will be good hair.

The more you apply it to the hair that has spread and damaged, or the hair that has lost its water content, the easier it is to feel the effect.

By applying it for a long time, the moisture content and cohesiveness of the hair will increase.

When applying cold air at the end, apply cold air to the entire face, feet, hands, etc. to prevent the skin from moisturizing and drying, and make the skin soft.

Lumi Elina, the distributor, is engaged in the beauty business, and it is said that Lumi Elina is famous for "face list up".

If you keep applying cold air to your face, the swelling will be removed and you can actually feel the lift-up effect.

It is a beauty device that brings beauty to hair, face, and the whole body that you can't think of as a hair dryer!

The 7D Plus repronizer is said to be the tallest dryer in the world. Please use a lot of 7D Plus repronizers for free at Hanasakasu Otsuka North!

Hair beauron 4D Plus

This is also a high-performance straight iron sold by Lumi Elina, which is the same as the dryer.

Please use it as it is without putting anything on the brushed hair.

If you use this as well, it will moisturize your hair as you use it.

What is listed as an equation of bio programming beauty
P (power of beauty) n (technical design power) D (density) T (time)

Lumielina corporation discovered that the higher the D (density) and the longer the T (time), the more moisturized the hair, and designed this electric appliance.

It is said that hair beauron and repronizers will improve hair even if it is used for a long time, which is not normally thought of.

If you slide the same hair bundle from top to bottom over and over again, the hair that is dry and stuck will start to become glossy and become cohesive.

Some people may be worried about the pain and do it quickly, but if you slide it with the image of slowly heating the hair, both D (density) and T (time) will be given to the hair, so please try it!

I-Bill Digital Display Iron D2 25mm / 32mm / 38mm

Light and functional trowels of three different thicknesses that hairdressers also recommend.

Please use it for styling your hair with your favorite thickness.

The temperature can be locked, it is also an advantage that you do not make a mistake in operating the button during use.

It's hard to wind up, it's light and looks cool!

I had the impression that trowels are used longer than irons, so this time I'm particular about lightness and I don't think the weight will make them spicy even if they are used for a long time.

As the temperature warms up quickly, it also shortens the time it takes to wrap your hair and reduces pain, making it ideal for mornings and when you are in a hurry to go out.

It is recommended because it is easy to use because it slides well and has a strong pinching force.

Next, I would like to introduce a number of beauty equipment used by many entertainers.

Steamer Panasonic Nano Care

A nano-sized steamer that moisturizes and penetrates into the stratum corneum.

Applying a steamer for about 3 minutes with deep cleansing will make it easier to remove makeup stains.

It is known for its versatile functions that can be found in high-end hotels.

Applying steam to the entire face will improve blood circulation and make-up glue will be much better!

The penetration rate into the skin also changes so much that it is worth taking the time to do it!

Especially in winter, you may be worried about dryness and make-up may come to the surface, but if you continue to use the steamer, you will not be worried about make-up floating, and you will be worried about dryness even in winter. It will not be.

It is more effective to apply the steamer 2-3 days a week than every day, so it is different if you apply it 2-3 times (about 10 minutes) a week.

At this time of year, it has become a habit to wear a mask every day, so it is often the case that the mask gets rid of water.

I think that drying will be common in all four seasons, so I want you to use it a lot throughout the year!

Excellent effect on pore!

RF facial equipment Photo Plus EX

YAMAN's facial equipment is the best cosmetics!

We installed the facial equipment that all the female employees of Hanasakasu want to envy with all their voices!

It is a talented facial device that you can't let go of because it packs 6 modes into one.

1, CLEAN mode
A mode that removes dirt from pores while warming with a radio group. (Ion derivation)
We have cotton available, so please put it between the cotton stoppers and apply your own lotion.

2, MOISTURE mode
A mode in which beauty ingredients are taken in by the power of ions after removing dirt. (Iontophoresis)

3, EYE CARE mode
It can also be used in areas near the eyes where the skin is thin and bears are likely to appear under the eyes.
Dedicated mode equipped with a weak current "micro current".

4, EMS UP mode
A mode in which electric signals are sent to stimulate and soften areas that are normally immobile due to facial muscles.
More efficient maintenance is possible with low frequency and medium frequency W group!

5, RF LED mode
A mode equipped with the technology of equipment used in beauty salons.
Can be used for eyelids and décolletage with simultaneous output of red LED and RF.

6, COOL mode
Finally, a mode that cools and tightens the entire skin.

You can be more beautiful with a facial device that can be used with confidence even on thin-skinned eyelids and under the eyes ♪

Electron Every One Denki Bali Brush

A beauty device that can be applied to the face, head, décolleté, etc. at low frequencies to be beautiful from inside the body.

The stimulation level etc. can be adjusted. It is recommended to reduce the strength at first and gradually increase it as you get used to it. I'm pretty surprised when I use it for the first time!

Those who do not usually feel low frequencies will feel tingling, so please use it after setting.

There are 4 levels of stimulation level and stimulation frequency.
There are levels 1 ~4.

Each time you press the button, press the stimulation level button to increase the intensity, and press the stimulation frequency button to increase the speed.

Even if it is used on the face, it will not hurt the face, so it fits well and has a lift-up effect, so you can expect a small face effect.

I can't usually care for my scalp, but scalp care is very important!

If the scalp is stiff, blood flow will also stop, so if you have a Denki Bali brush, you can also take care of your scalp, so if you also take care of your scalp and your blood flow improves, your makeup will improve, and your complexion will improve even more.

It is also effective for stiff shoulders.

Steam iron

A steam iron that can be easily ironed even by busy people, which can remove wrinkles just by applying steam several times while hanging on a hanger.

The power of "LO", "MID" and "HI" can be adjusted in 3 steps for steam.

The temperature can be adjusted from 100 ° C to 190 ° C. An excellent product that can be used immediately, with the temperature rising rapidly in 20 seconds at the fastest.

Our staff is too versatile, so I bought it for myself.

A hanger hook is installed on the wall next to the dresser.
You can hang a hanger here.

The steam iron removes wrinkles such as shirts by gently reciprocating the clothes on the hanger 2-3 times.
* Depends on clothing.

In addition to removing wrinkles, it also has dust removal, mite removal, and deodorant effects.

Deodorize the smell of clothes after meals by applying steam!

If you attach the attached brush, you can also remove pills, etc., and we have installed a steam iron that can save a lot of time.

Whole body mirror

In addition to the mirror with LED light installed on the dresser, we also install a full-body mirror.

Since it is a large full-body mirror, please feel free to use it for the final check before going out and for checking the condition of ironed clothes.

Our proud beauty room packed with the latest equipment.

We decided to open it with the idea of providing a better living environment for residents.

We would be very happy if many people could use it, so if you move into Hanasakasu Otsuka North, we would like you to use it every day! !!

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